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Avalon, Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand

The Sacred Feminine Path

Deep within we can feel the stirring, the remembrance , the knowing. Over hundreds of year we have lost much of our inner wisdom and ability to listen to our deeper knowing. Time is changing though as we hear the call to take this knowledge, wisdom and power back.  As women the time has come to remember these powerful practices. This unique way life where the Divine Feminine is celebrated. These Ancient Ways where we feel our ancestral wisdom returning. A remembering of the sacred. A remembering of the Feminine and combined we can walk the Sacred Feminine Path. We honour the beautiful lunar wisdom, the power our womb space holds and our bountiful Mother Earth. We sit together, in sacred sisterhood, reclaiming our birthright, reclaiming our power as those who serve the Old Ways, the beliefs and ways that cross cultures and look at the magic that we hold as women, the magic that is held in our womb space, the sacred blood mysteries, the magic that our beloved moon shows us, the magic that Mother Earth provides us with daily and we go back to our roots, the place of peace, harmony, love, power, magic and wholeness.


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More about The Sacred Feminine Path

A path to discovering your sacred feminine.

The Sacred Feminine Path is a hive of sacred feminine offerings . More and more women are feeling the deep desire to nourish their soul. To know that inner knowing is there to guide you to "listen to their gut". Looking for a way to make sense of everyday life which has become so fractured. This is a place for women to be able to find information on teachings, workshops, rituals, rites of passage ceremonies, private sessions, healing and ceremonies in the local Wellington area and also on line and via Skype. It is an evolving and growing space.