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Avalon, Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand


My Story

I am a Priestess, Red Tent Facilitator, and Rites of Passage Ceremonialist, as well as a mother, wife, carer, healer and visionary who is trained and practices the old ways, who walks the sacred feminine path and  beliefs in the wisdom, love and compassion  of the Divine Feminine. The ancient ways to me meaning, the ways that are beyond time. This sacred path is a path of remembrance, of comfort and an honour to walk and share. Originally from Somerset, England I now live in the land of the Long White Cloud, Aotearoa. I have spent over a decade working with women as they transition into different phases of life. My soul's calling is to bring back the ancient feminine ways to my beloved sisters, so we can hear her call, feel her magic, deepen in our walk and live powerful and fulfilled sacred lives. Connected to the Great Mother, acknowledging her power and magic in everyday live and rituals, the seasons and lunar cycles and there connecting back into her. Recognising the cyclical nature and way of the world and all it has to teach us.  When we view  our acts and practices as sacred then our whole outlook on the way we carry ourselves through life changes. 

As a trained Red Tent facilitator, Rites of Passage Ceremonialist, Priestess of the Moon, I have had the privilege of studying and learning from some of the incredible Priestesses, teachers and women we have across the world, who are raising the Divine Feminine and bringing back the ancient ways so we return to our power in the sacred collective sisterhood.

 I work with women in circles that I facilitate, or as a guest, a holder of space for women to enter in, priestess, workshop facilitator, rites of passage ceremonialist and also in one to one sessions requiring healing, or more in depth and private sessions. I also lead lunar and seasonal rituals and ceremonies. I now offer an on line course too for those unable to come in person. 

This is my life work and I am dedicated to Priestessing the Sacred Feminine Path.