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The Moon and Your Womb

This 5 week on line course covers the 4 main Moon phases and how they affect our feminine. 

If we tap into the ancient blood mysteries and learn the great wisdom of cyclical living we can live a life that is more balanced, more peaceful, more successful, more POWERFUL- all by observing the moon and the different energies that it presents us with. 

After the introduction week we will travel through the 4 main lunar phases, look at how the seasons are represented in them and also the Goddess archetypes that are present in that cycle. For those of us women who are bleeding we will then look at how these phases and archetypes affect our menstrual cycle and what great wisdom we can learn from that. For those of use not bleeding we can use this wisdom to share with others and also to heal any wounds we may have from our bleeding time.

“At her first bleeding a woman meets her power.
During her bleeding years she practices it.
At menopause she becomes it.”
Traditional Native American saying

Each week you not only get a beautiful handout via dropbox to work through but 2 MP3 meditations, a weekly Zoom group call and access to a secret Facebook page. 

Price is on a sliding scale of $98-$50 NZD depending on financial situation. Next start date 25th Feb, please contact for more details; thesacredfemininepath@gmail.com