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Avalon, Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand

On Line Offerings

Step into your divine power

Sacred Feminine Path has recognised that with the busy world we live in we can use the internet to connect and circled learn together when at times geography, childcare, health and other commitments may make it impossible. So we are going to use technology to connect when at other times it would be difficult. Bringing her Sacred Feminine Path right to your doorstep.

On Line Red Tents, Sacred Sister Circles

Held around New Moon, these short circles are a taste of a red ten for those unable to make one in person. We talk about the energies of the coming moon, set intentions, share our souls and do a meditation. As always our sacred agreements to each other are upheld in circles on line. Please message or come to our Facebook page for more details.

The Moon and Your Womb ©sacred femininepath2018

This 4 weeks course covers each of the main aspects of the moon, how it affects your menstrual cycle, archetypes that affect each phase and meditations for each phase. We also cover herbs, pratcial living for your cycle and how to Moon Chart. This course is offered on a 3 tiered price level depending on what you can afford. Please contact us for details.